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Friday, April 6, 2007

update on my husband.....

just wanted to tell all of you thank you for praying for my husband .. this week has been crazy.. we thought he was getting better because the doctor changed his medication and his legs went down a little on the swelling. Tuesday night he was in the ER at covenant because his blood pressure was 170/126 and they couldn't get it down and they couldn't figure out why it was soo high.. his eye was blurry and he had a headache. They sent him home and he went to work the next day still with his blood pressure high... they sent him to the er from work because it was 178/130 and he had chest pains, dizzyness and he was experiencing numbness in his face and his legs... we went to st mary's er instead of covenant this time and they took him right back and really did a great job to stabilize his blood pressure a little bit. they got it down enough for him to go safely home and he felt a bit better.. thursday he went to our family doctor and he sent him to get a test on his kidney, thinking that this might be why his pressure is so high... and he went this morning for that test, so we will see. his blood pressure is still high 150/116 I think.
thank you for praying for us and we covet your prayers... we hope to see you all sunday, Lord willing.. Roger says he is coming, too! Praise the Lord!

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