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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This last week has been a doozy! We had terrible weather, some say the tail of a tornado went through the city and did some damage. Anyhow.. lots of trees down, and power outages, on the days it is FINALLY nice outside.. in the 90's! So, that happened friday, and we JUST got our power back yesterday! It has been a little stressful, but I have learned some lessons through out all of it! That no matter what we think we need and want, God gives it to us in HIS time, not ours! We were waiting for our stimulus check and it was taking forever because we had our fee taken out at the time they did the direct deposit, so we had to wait for the check in the mail. It was supposed to come on friday... and we needed groceries, sooo bad! The fridge was practically (sp) EMPTY!!! I was so sad and disappointed that it didn't come and I was worried because I had a lay a way due at KMart that day,too! I was stressing.. Well, the Lord provided.. Roger got some money from working on cars and he was emptying out the poll barn because he had a lot of metal stored in there, so he went to cash it in.. We got some money to hold us over for gas and fast food while the power was out. The Lord also provided a place for us to stay.. we stayed at Roger's parent's house. They have a beautiful house with a huge furnished basement, central air in the house and basement, and a guest room.. so the kids and I stayed in the basement (on the pull out bed) and Roger stayed upstairs in the guest room. It was so great and perfect for us, they had a fridge and full bathroomin the basement so I could get up a couple of times a night to get milk for Kendall and go to the bathroom without waking anyone up. And Lucky Roger got a whole guest bedroom for himself, so he could rest for work the next day! The Lord was watching over us... we got our stimulus check on Monday and I was stressing ... I went to pick up our layaway and since it was 3 days later,they put it back in stock! I was so freaked! But the Lord still was watching out for us.. I went back through the store and got all the stuff and it ended up being way cheaper than our actual lay a way because everything was on sale! wow! what a blessing!
Monday afternoon we were going to go to my parents house and stay with them for a couple of days, to give my inlaws a break... and we had heard that the power wasn't going to come on till Thursday.. like two days from now Thursday! so I had moved alll of our stuff to my parents house and went to the store to pick up a prescription and then to the house to get something and saw that our power was on! YAY!!! sooo happy! Sooo, I lugged all our stuff and the kids home.. it was so nice to be home...
but we lost everything that was in the freezer and fridge.. thankfully i was in desperate need of groceries, so we didn't lose tons... which comes back to timing.. if we had gotten our stimulus check on friday.. we would have probably lost about 300 dollars worth of food! (calm down, I shop monthly for groceries)
I learned so much about being thankful and trust in the Lord and LETTING HIM take care of us!
okay.. I think I covered it all..
oh yeah.. do they make battery powered fans? I couldn't find one! that would have come in handy!
Hope everyone is doing well!
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