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Monday, December 18, 2006

Another monday

Well, last night was the Cantata at Church.. it was nice.. I was sitting right behind the drama team, while I was in the choir, so I got to see everything up close and personal!

All the college kids are home for break.. I feel so old, some of the kids I used to babysit are college kids...some of them go to MBBC!

This is kind of a bittersweet time of year, because my brother, Martin, is in Iraq right now.. I can imagine how crappy it is for him to be there and not with his family.. I pray for him everyday. I miss him tons.

My little sister Valentina is home from Grace Bible College for break.. she wants to sit out a semester! I told her no, because it is hard to go back once you have stopped.. believe me.

I can't believe Christmas is next monday.. I am not ready! Where did the time go!!!

I hope that the Lord Blesses everyone and keeps you all safe and peaceful this Holiday season.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday afternoon

Well, here is the picture of Isaiah in front of the Christmas tree with his tie on.. it is sooo cute!

and then there is one with Kendall and his little brother t-shirt.. The Lord is Good, and had blessed me with cuties...
my sister bought a night sleeping mask and Isaiah HAD to try it on... and I got Kendall smiling for mommy....

Not much going on here.. just a nice day.. for Michigan! In the 40's here.

It didn't feel like Christmas yet to me, but when we were practing the Cantata at church yesterday, that Christmas feeling started to kick in..

It's been so great lately, that a lot of our family has been coming back to church.. we barely fit in a pew during the service!! It's so nice.. the Lord has really been working lately.. I can see it..

Prayer changes things.

Have a great day.... The Lord is good ALL THE TIME!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Well, I am soooo tired this afternoon! I had a hard time paying attention in Church today..
Kendall kinda tossed and turned and was coughing and that kept me awake.. and then when it was time to wake up, satan wanted to mess with me and I almost stayed home, but I knew I had to get up and go....
Isaiah had a new outfit with a tie on it, he was so proud of it, I will post some pictures when I get one.. he looks so cute.
Well, a family at our church.. the Hawes family, their house burnt down this weekend.. I think Friday.. Luckily they weren't even home, they were out somewhere.. so they were safe, but they lost EVERYTHING! They were blessed to have good Insurance, and already some people have given them clothes and things to hold them over.. They are such a good testimony, even the firefighters were surprised at how they had a positive attitude--->even though they lost everything.. the Lord still provided. Some people might know them by their kids.. Scott, Jeff, Teresa and Jennifer, they all went to Maranatha .
If anyone is interested in donating, money or clothing.. you can send it to
Community Baptist Church
Attention Roy Hawes
8331 Gratiot Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48609

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Isaiah wanted to wear Kendall's hat, it was so tight it left a line on his forehead!!!
Kendall loves his walked!
Mommy with her crazy sunglasses, in Frankenmuth!
Well, my brother, Rob, turned 35 yesterday! I can't believe how old he is, and how old I am! I will be 32 soon! I used to think that was so old! Now, of course, I think that is just fine!

One of the marines in Martin's group was killed thursday, it is so sad and scary! I pray for Martin everday and sometimes all day when I am thinking about him... I just ask God to keep him sharp minded and smart and safe! I know that the Lord is in control, and all I can ask for is safety and peace.... The boy was from Jackson, Michigan, his name was Lance Corporal Brent Beeler. Please pray for his family, I can't imagine how it feels to lose someone this way.

I bought some rice and oatmeal baby cereal for Kendall, yesterday. I figured it was time because he stares so hard at us when we are eating! It's sooo cute! I gave him a little bit today, and he ate it, he liked it.. so we will see how that goes.

Our heater was on the fritz and luckily our next door neighbor, that moved in this past summer, owns a heating and cooling business. So he came over and fixed it for free!!! He told Roger all he wanted from him was to work on his old car that he has in the garage.. so that was nice.. Also-- when he was fixing the heater, he found 3 hornets nests in a pipe, clogging it up! We are so blessed that they didn't get into the house and sting Roger! He is really allergice to bee's and hornets! He get's really swollen up and has to go the hospital! So the Lord was watching over us while the heater was getting glogged with bees.

Well, Kendall is getting fussy! so I am out for today....
The Lord is good, ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

My First Blogg!!!

Well, I never thought I would blogg! what a technological advancement for me!

but I saw Sara's blogg and thought it would be nice to write down my thoughts and day to day happenings to keep in touch.

Well, if some of you haven't seen or heard from me, here is the lowdown.

I married a guy named Roddrick (Roger) Williams, June 2004

Have a son named Isaiah Zachary Gonzales Williams, August 2004 ( yes I can see some of you doing the math in your heads right now)

and we just had another addition in June of this year, Kendall James Gonzales Williams.

I love my two boys and I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them full time.

My husband works at Caro Center, which is sort of like Betheseda

Anyways.. we live in Saginaw, Michigan. we live in a big farmhouse with 15 acres of Land.

I go to church at Community Baptist Church where Doug Jackson is the Pastor, I love that church I grew up there, and got away for a while.. I was going to another church, but the Lord was calling me back to Community. My husband doesn't really get to go to church, he works 2nd shift and only get's every 6th or 7th weekend off... so pray for him if you would.. I am sure he would appreciate it.

My brother Martin is in Iraq right now.. and he has a little one on the way..due in April.. we are sooo excited we just found out today that it is a girl!! they are going to name her Mia.

well, the Lord is good ALL THE TIME!

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