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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday afternoon

Well, here is the picture of Isaiah in front of the Christmas tree with his tie on.. it is sooo cute!

and then there is one with Kendall and his little brother t-shirt.. The Lord is Good, and had blessed me with cuties...
my sister bought a night sleeping mask and Isaiah HAD to try it on... and I got Kendall smiling for mommy....

Not much going on here.. just a nice day.. for Michigan! In the 40's here.

It didn't feel like Christmas yet to me, but when we were practing the Cantata at church yesterday, that Christmas feeling started to kick in..

It's been so great lately, that a lot of our family has been coming back to church.. we barely fit in a pew during the service!! It's so nice.. the Lord has really been working lately.. I can see it..

Prayer changes things.

Have a great day.... The Lord is good ALL THE TIME!!!

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