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Monday, December 21, 2009


Congratulations to Cheryl F (the lucky ladybug) for winning the progressive soup gift pack giveaway.
and to Amy Hager for winning the Jiffy Lube Gift Card giveaway
and thank you to for
generously giving the gift packs away to my readers! yay!

Have a great Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jiffy Lube $35 gift card giveaway

I was recently asked by to giveaway a complimentary $35 gift card to Jiffy Lube! AWESOME!!! I am so glad because I received one as well!
SO I hope you will leave me a comment about

What You found most interesting on the Motor Oil Matters site

What motor oil misconception did you have that was put to rest through the web site's info?

What you scored on the M.O.M. knows best game!
You can leave a comment until Friday, December 18th, and I will pick a winner on December 19th GOOD LUCK, This would make a great gift!!!!

Here is some more info from Motor Oil
In the United States the average age of cars and light trucks on the roads today has reached a record high of 9.4 years, making it more important than ever for consumers to take proper care of their vehicles. With the new web site (created by industry-leading brands Pennzoil, Quaker State and Shell Rotella); you can easily locate key information that will help prolong your engine’s life and improve overall efficiency, as well as help answer any questions you may have about motor oil. In addition, the site offers a fun, educational game for you to play called “M.O.M. Knows Best” where you can put your motor mind to the test with an interactive quiz.

Did you know?
According to a study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, nearly 9 out of 10 female motorists are involved in their household's vehicle maintenance and repair

According to a national survey that polled 522 women, 46 percent incorrectly assumed simply switching from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil enables the number of miles between oil changes to be safely extended*

Using a quality motor oil in the right grade can help maximize fuel economy, and help save money by preventing costly engine damage

Off-brand, no-name or discount oils that do not meet industry standards or the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements could cost consumers in the long run by potentially damaging the vehicle’s engine or possibly voiding the manufacturer’s warrant
* Jiffy Lube Survey Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, 2006

Progresso Soup Prize Pack Giveaway

Brrr... nothing like a nice big cup of soup to warm the bones... how about Progresso High Fiber Soups that combine great tasting soup with high fiber?! what can be better than that? I was recently mailed a great prize pack from MYBLOGSPARK.COM and it was sooo good.. and sooo hearty. I loved the chunky-ness of the noodles, chicken and veggies.. it was so great and filling!
You will be excited to hear that in addition to the 75 great flavors of Progresso Soup, there are four new, great tasting Progresso soups that have 28% of your daily fiber intake per serving (7 grams) and have no added MSG or artificial flavors. The new varieties include Chicken Tuscany, Creamy Tomato Basil, Hearty Vegetable and Noodles and Homestyle Minestrone.
Leave a comment telling me how you try to incorporate Fiber in your diet to win a a sample of the Chicken Tuscany soup to try along with a prize pack that includes two branded soup mugs and two branded spoons.
I will close the giveaway on friday December 18th and pick the winner on Saturday December 19th... good luck to everyone..

Monday, December 7, 2009

long time no blogg....

I am sorry to my faithful readers that I haven't updated my blogg in a while.. I don't have internet access where I am at right now.. so I use it at family and frineds when I get a chance.. so that doesn't leave much time to update my blogg...
Anyways, so many things have happened since Thanksgiving.. so I hope you will bear with me...
I get A LOT of my finds from the bloggs on my list.. so you are more than welcome to check out the great places to find great deals.. here are some of my favorite bloggs...

I hope this helps..and hopefully soon I will have a place to blogg again!
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