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Monday, January 29, 2007

Roll Call!!!

Who is reading my blogg? Leave me a note and say HI...
have a great day.
God is good all the time, and all the time, God is GOOD!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday School

Before I forget I want to post this, I heard it in Sunday School this morning..
Unless it is TESTED, you can't TRUST your faith...
God gives us tests, that is when we need to believe in Him and Trust Him.. that is how we learn to trust our faith in God, instead of just talking about it.. then we can be about it...
God is good all the time, and all the time, GOD IS GOOD!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Nothing much going on these days.. Kendall got his first tooth, good for him, bad for me.. he breastfeeds! :-(
My brother is doing good.. he called my parents..hopefully be home beginning of April. (hopefully he will make it to see his daughter born!)
It's so nice to hear from so many friends that I haven't seen or talked to since college or high school! Even getting to know people that I knew from college or wasn't close to.. this is a great chance for us to get to know eachother better, I am so greatful for this chance.. it is a real blessing to share all our daily experiences about our spouses and kids...
Hope that everyone is doing well.
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Year!

Well, it's the new year, and I haven't really posted much.. I have been busy with lots of stuff, and I don't have a computer at home.. so I use my moms computer. She just recently got high speed internet, so that is fun.. before it took FOREVER to look at stuff or to put pictures online. I put a picture of my brother Robert with my nephew Alex, my dad and my son Kendall, my brother Martin, waiting at the airport when he was going to Iraq and my sister Valentina.. (isn't she pretty?)
Anyways.. I have been blessed and there have been trials lately.
I have been so blessed from my church and from my pastor and his wife.. My pastor's wife (Kathy Jackson) is my Sunday school teacher and she is awesome.. everything she teaches in class is something that I can use in my everyday life. And it is so wierd, now I guess that I am a mother and wife,, I must really pay attention in church now.. because it seems like every since I started going back to Community Baptist.. I have been learning so much from the messages! things I probably heard before but never really listened to and how they work in my life.. I don't know if that makes sense...
Another thing that has been on my heart is my brother, Martin.. His being in Iraq right now always has him on my mind..and I worry about him and pray for him and all the troops over there.. His group has lost about 5 guys this last time they have been in Iraq and they are in a much dangerous zone.. Two of those guys had their funerals close by so my parents went.. and a couple of army guys from saginaw and a local church we know had their funerals and I went to one.. my friend Katie's husband.. it was so sad and I didn't really cry until the end when they had the gun salute.. I just started crying because the shot kinda shocked me, I guess.. I don't know..
So i have been thinking.. I wonder if that were to happen to my brother and we had to plan his funeral or even if I had died and my funeral was being planned.. WHAT WOULD I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? what would be the last thing that they hear from me? What would Martin want us to know? That no matter what has happened in his life or what he did, that Jesus is the answer to everything? that we need to get our lives in order for our sakes, for our children's sakes? to live how God would want us to live? that the reason why people are miserable and searching for stuff is because they are really missing God? I have been thinking about that lately..
On to something else, my husband hurt his leg at work.. he works at Caro Center, sort of like Betheseda in watertown. anyways.. he was doing a restraint on a patient and hurt his knee.. it is swollen up and in pain.. the swelling looks like fluid is on his knee cap.. we went to the ER and then he went to work and sent him home and told him to go see their doctor.. we went today and the doctor is a QUACK!!! he didn't check anything and sent him back to work without any restrictions.. so we will see what happens..
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!
Have a great day

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New year.

I can't believe it is 2007! Already!!!
A couple of things have happened since I last posted..
Christmas, my Birthday, among other things.
Christmas was husband had to work both Christmas and Christmas Eve.. that was a bit of a downer.. but we got some visiting done before he had to go to work.. he works second shift.
The boys got some nice gifts.. Isaiah got a nice little suit outfit to wear to church.. they both got some great toys..
Isaiah LOVES LOVES LOVES the movie CARS, so he got a little pillow with cars on it and he sleeps with it, he has to make sure his head is on the pillow when he lays is sooo cute.
He also got a little police motorcyle from Grandpa and Grandma Williams.. it is so cool.. it looks so real, it's neat because my brother in law is a police officer.
Isaiah also got a rocking horse from my parents, and he got the almost same one from my husbands parents last year.. so now we have two! one for each boy to play on. :-)
And he got some cute slippers from his sister.. they have Spongebob square pants on them...
Kendall got a lot of clothes and toys, but he is too little to even notice.. Isaiah plays with all of his toys because he thinks they are his.
But most of all Christmas was nice because we got to see a lot of friends and family.
My cousin Ray got to come home, he is in Marine boot camp right now, and my other cousin Lorenzo is in basic training in the Army and he got to come home.. But poor Lorenzo got sick about the second day he got home.. so he really hasn't gotten to enjoy his vacation.
At church on Christmas Eve they had a testimony time and God just laid it on my heart to give a testimony.. I am so thankful for my church, and for my Pastor and His family! I was attending another church on and off for a while and I wasn't as faithful as I should have been.. I didn't feel right being there.. so I decided to come back "home" to Community Baptist.. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God at how welcome everybody made me feel.. I fell back in and rejoined the choir!! I love to sing and love the choir.. it was great, I got to sing in the Cantata.. anyways.. I just said I was so thankful how everyone welcomed me back and I felt at home and I was glad to bring my boys so they could learn like how I did and even though I fell off track I am back on and hope that the Lord lets my boys grow up to serve Him and of course I got all weepy, but that is how I felt.. I asked them to pray for me and my family and that the Lord will urge my husband to want to come to church with us....

On another note.. My brothers group lost 3 more marines on December 27th.. they were riding in a hummer (I think) and they were ambushed.. it was really bad.. Martin sent me a message telling me about it.. one of his buddies were killed .. he was from Vasaar Michigan. Anyways.. Martin said that he was right there, and he was scared because all the shooting was going on all around him and he was trying to help the guys that got shot.. One guy got shot in the chest.. He said he isn't afraid to die, he just doesn't want to.. he has a little girl on the way and doesn't want to miss that... I started crying because I can't imagine what he is going through.... I pray for him all the time.. I just pray for God to protect him.. like he is in a globe, ya know? and that globe is protection from all the bullets and harmful things going on in Iraq... I also pray for God to keep him alert, strong and aware of everything going on around him.. I know that is essential in what he is doing.. especially since he is a Seargant and he is in charge of other guys on the missions.. I hate seeing the news, because I am afraid to see him on there in a dangerous predicament..
Last sunday I guess he sent a message to my mom telling her that he was going to be in the Detroit Free Press.. They had a article on his ground and they showed pictures and a video on the newspapers website and Martin was on there a lot and they took a lot of quotes of what he said.. it was comforting to my mom to see him.

Last night I got to go out on a date with my husband for New Years Eve! I can't remember when the last time is that we had an alone date!! It was so nice!! My cousin and sister babysat at our house, that did n't go to so smoothly.. I think Kendall had a lot of gad built up because my dad accidentally gave him my nephews bottle, earlier in the day which had soy formula in it, and it came back to haunt him later!!!! so he was no fun for the girls and Isaiah did not want to stay sleeping... otherwise me and my hubby had a nice time!!!

Well, I have to get going.. but I just wanted to write a little bit..

"Little is much when God is in it.. labor not for wealth for fame.. there's a crown and you can win it! If you'll go in Jesus Name!!!" <---I love that song and was just thinking about it..

God is GOOD ALL THE TIME, peace out.
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