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Friday, January 26, 2007

Nothing much going on these days.. Kendall got his first tooth, good for him, bad for me.. he breastfeeds! :-(
My brother is doing good.. he called my parents..hopefully be home beginning of April. (hopefully he will make it to see his daughter born!)
It's so nice to hear from so many friends that I haven't seen or talked to since college or high school! Even getting to know people that I knew from college or wasn't close to.. this is a great chance for us to get to know eachother better, I am so greatful for this chance.. it is a real blessing to share all our daily experiences about our spouses and kids...
Hope that everyone is doing well.
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.


mom2mine said...

I had to giggle at your tooth comment. My little guy is still nursing too with a mouth full of teeth. YIKES!

SturgillMom said...

OOOHHHH!!! I hate the teeth thing when I am nursing. They bite and pull -- yikes! I have enjoyed catching up on your family, too. I love the blogging thing for that very reason -- I am able to get back in touch with friends from long ago :)

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