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Monday, January 22, 2007

New Year!

Well, it's the new year, and I haven't really posted much.. I have been busy with lots of stuff, and I don't have a computer at home.. so I use my moms computer. She just recently got high speed internet, so that is fun.. before it took FOREVER to look at stuff or to put pictures online. I put a picture of my brother Robert with my nephew Alex, my dad and my son Kendall, my brother Martin, waiting at the airport when he was going to Iraq and my sister Valentina.. (isn't she pretty?)
Anyways.. I have been blessed and there have been trials lately.
I have been so blessed from my church and from my pastor and his wife.. My pastor's wife (Kathy Jackson) is my Sunday school teacher and she is awesome.. everything she teaches in class is something that I can use in my everyday life. And it is so wierd, now I guess that I am a mother and wife,, I must really pay attention in church now.. because it seems like every since I started going back to Community Baptist.. I have been learning so much from the messages! things I probably heard before but never really listened to and how they work in my life.. I don't know if that makes sense...
Another thing that has been on my heart is my brother, Martin.. His being in Iraq right now always has him on my mind..and I worry about him and pray for him and all the troops over there.. His group has lost about 5 guys this last time they have been in Iraq and they are in a much dangerous zone.. Two of those guys had their funerals close by so my parents went.. and a couple of army guys from saginaw and a local church we know had their funerals and I went to one.. my friend Katie's husband.. it was so sad and I didn't really cry until the end when they had the gun salute.. I just started crying because the shot kinda shocked me, I guess.. I don't know..
So i have been thinking.. I wonder if that were to happen to my brother and we had to plan his funeral or even if I had died and my funeral was being planned.. WHAT WOULD I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? what would be the last thing that they hear from me? What would Martin want us to know? That no matter what has happened in his life or what he did, that Jesus is the answer to everything? that we need to get our lives in order for our sakes, for our children's sakes? to live how God would want us to live? that the reason why people are miserable and searching for stuff is because they are really missing God? I have been thinking about that lately..
On to something else, my husband hurt his leg at work.. he works at Caro Center, sort of like Betheseda in watertown. anyways.. he was doing a restraint on a patient and hurt his knee.. it is swollen up and in pain.. the swelling looks like fluid is on his knee cap.. we went to the ER and then he went to work and sent him home and told him to go see their doctor.. we went today and the doctor is a QUACK!!! he didn't check anything and sent him back to work without any restrictions.. so we will see what happens..
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!
Have a great day


DreaM said...


I am praying for you & for your comfort. I truly know the fear & concern of having a loved one over in Iraq. I am praying for you & your brother. I understand having to have the TV on news 24/7. Wondering if you would see your husband on the news, but yet also praying you didn't-if it was bad.

I will also be praying for your husbands leg to heal.

Andrea (Karlson) Burman

mom2mine said...

Thanks for the update Dora. I have been wonderin how you were.

I can't imagine the heavy heart you must carry with martin in Iraq. It must be so difficult. I have been praying for his safety. God will carry you all through this.

Thanks for the reminder about what would I want to be remembered for. It makes me think.

Steph said...

Wow -
I'll be praying for Martin. My brother was in Saudi (Air Force) for awhile right before 9/11 and that scared me. I can't imagine how I would feel if he where over there now...
But God is faithful!
Hope your hubby feels better. Mine had knee surgery this past Nov. You hate to see them hurting.
Kiss the boys for me. They are so cute!

SturgillMom said...

Dora, thanks for that have given me something to think about!

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