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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Well, my brother, Rob, turned 35 yesterday! I can't believe how old he is, and how old I am! I will be 32 soon! I used to think that was so old! Now, of course, I think that is just fine!

One of the marines in Martin's group was killed thursday, it is so sad and scary! I pray for Martin everday and sometimes all day when I am thinking about him... I just ask God to keep him sharp minded and smart and safe! I know that the Lord is in control, and all I can ask for is safety and peace.... The boy was from Jackson, Michigan, his name was Lance Corporal Brent Beeler. Please pray for his family, I can't imagine how it feels to lose someone this way.

I bought some rice and oatmeal baby cereal for Kendall, yesterday. I figured it was time because he stares so hard at us when we are eating! It's sooo cute! I gave him a little bit today, and he ate it, he liked it.. so we will see how that goes.

Our heater was on the fritz and luckily our next door neighbor, that moved in this past summer, owns a heating and cooling business. So he came over and fixed it for free!!! He told Roger all he wanted from him was to work on his old car that he has in the garage.. so that was nice.. Also-- when he was fixing the heater, he found 3 hornets nests in a pipe, clogging it up! We are so blessed that they didn't get into the house and sting Roger! He is really allergice to bee's and hornets! He get's really swollen up and has to go the hospital! So the Lord was watching over us while the heater was getting glogged with bees.

Well, Kendall is getting fussy! so I am out for today....
The Lord is good, ALL THE TIME!

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