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Thursday, April 12, 2007

more on Roger....

well, the doctor called today and said that the Ultrasound on Roger's liver came out okay and that the mass they might have seen on his cat scan could have been a shadow or something.. That is a relief! and an answer to prayer.. But his blood pressure is still high and we don't know why he is having this problem.. so the doctor is going to re adjust his medication and try a different dosage, and he has to go to the eye doctor to see if maybe it is glaucoma or something in his eyes bringing his blood pressure up..
Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers, it is so nice to have friends that are praying...
Kendall is trying to stand up all the way and is all over the place! I am sure he will be walking very soon.. I am excited, that way I don't have to carry him in his car seat anymore! he is over 22lbs and oh so very heavy! :-)

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