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Saturday, April 14, 2007

in the ER again!

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well, we were in the ER again last night.. until almost 6 am... Roger was starting to have wierd feelings in his left arm and felt dizzy. They took him right back and his blood pressure wasn't super high.. for him.. but high for someone normal!
Anyways.. they did another cat scan on his brain, due to the dizzyness and the left arm feeling funny.. well, they said that there was an abnormality and now he has to get another MRI and an MRA to see what is going on.. pray for him.. he is scared now..I left Isaiah with my mom and took Kendall with us because I had to breastfeed.. he was such a good boy!
Okay, I have to go, Kendall is crying.. I am sooo tired today!


DreaM said...

Dora-I will be praying for Roger as well as yourself. I know this is a tough time for your family. Please remember you are loved & cared for. I love that we have a circle of Christian friends to be praying for our needs.

mom2mine said...

Dora - Roger will be in our prayers. I truly hope you get some answers soon.

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