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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I've been tagged

Well, I was tagged by Steph, and I didn't even realize it.. I need to read more carefully!
She wanted us to write 5 things about ourselves that you might not know.. so here I go....

1. I am very sensative, my feelings get hurt very easily. I guess I take things too personal, a lot of times.. I am always asking God to give me strength and to be a little more thick skinned. I try to hide this about myself, so I guess I can act tough.
2. I like doing make-up and hair.. I would like to go to cosmeltology school one day to learn to do makeup and hair.. just for myself or to do family or friends hair for special occasions.
3. My first job was at Self Serve Lumber.. I was the first girl to work there and the last.. I worked there when I was sixteen... I guess they thought it was to risky to have a girl doing all that hard labor of cleaning and doing heavy duty lifting...
4. Like Donnette, I thought that I would never have kids, strike that.. never be ABLE to have kids, because I have I got used to that thought and was fine with it..
I have two boys now... and I love them sooo much.. I can't imagine my life without them, they are so funny and precious.. I am truly blessed.
5. It's hard to think of 5 things someone might not know about me.. let me see...I am left handed, I am supposed to wear glasses, I love cheese!, I hate baths, love showers, did not love being pregnant, but loved the baby! I am very impatient, don't like when people waste time doing nothing (my husband)

so there is something! so now i tag All my friends to tell me 5 things! good luck!!!!


DreaM said...

I enjoyed reading your 5 things. I also struggle with being sensitive at times. I am sure we are not alone in it. I think that is part of being a woman. Thanks for being transparent.

amy manahan said...

Finally, a person who didn't enjoy being pregnant like me. Oh, Dora, if I could skip that part, I would have at least 2 more kids! When I am pregnant, I am a BEAR to live with and to be around!
You're boys are so CUTE!!!!

Steph said...

Ha! I agree - I hated being pregnant. Sad to admit but I agree with Amy, I would definitely have more kids if a stork really brought them...

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