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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

alphabet survey

I saw this on Melissa's blogg and thought that it would be neat to fill it out..
I tag, Stephanie, Gknee, Amy M.

okay, here we go....

A-available or single? Married
B-best friend? Mary (Kukasky) Cummins, my cousins madie, becca and rachel
C-cake or pie? Dutch Apple Pie
D-drink of choice? Water with walmart fuit punch packet added ( you know like Crystal lite)
E-essential item I use everyday? toaster
F-favorite color? lavender
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? gummy bears
H-hometown- Saginaw (Sagnasty), Michigan
I-indulgence? Hot chocolate and nachos. at different times, of course
J-January or February? January.. income tax time! :-)
K-kids and names? Isaiah and Kendall
L-life is incomplete without? my salvation, my husband and children and family. oh and lots of is nothing without laughter!
M-marriage date? June 11, 2004
N-number of siblings? 3-Rob Jr., Martin, and Valentina
O-oranges or apples? Apples
P-phobias or fears? My biggest fear is something ever happening to my kids and husband or me so I won't be with them..and besides that MICE or RATS and SNAKES!<-- very scary!
Q-favorite quote? Don't judge someone until you take the time to get to know them and what they are about! You can be pleasantly surprised!
R-reasons to smile? two beautiful kids
S-season? summer
T-tag 3 0r 4 people: amy m., andrea b, gknee, priscilla
U-unknown fact about me? I don't know what you don't know.. so?
V-vegetable you don't like? none.. i love veggies..
W-worst habit? being impatient...biting nails.
X-sorry, there is nothing to write
Y-your favorite food? Mongolian BBQ, mexican and italian....
Z-zodiac sign? Sagitarius

okay.. all done, what do you think?


HzlntLatte said...

Thanks for the tag Dora! lol Ha...gave me something to do on this gloomy, chilly wintery afternoon!!!

Have a Happy V-Day yourself! :)

Jill said...

Mmmm....that Dutch apple pie sounds great! Maybe warmed up a little with some ice cream on top! Great list Dora! I enjoy your blog also - I missed the roll call, but I read too!

amy manahan said...

All right, Dora. I will work on this. Thanks for the tag!
By the way, I was working at Mission Mart-don't you remember all the great clothes?! And I have heard from Kyle, though we are not as close as we once were!
Love ya! AMY

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