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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walmart price guarantee policy is to give $3 off the scanned price if the price comes up wrong. If the item is less than $3, you get it free. If you have trouble with your Walmart accepting internet coupons, their official Coupon Policy states that they DO take them. Print it off here. Here is what it says:

Wal-Mart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):

Manufacturer coupons (Cents Off)
Free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons
Store coupons
Pharmacy (Advertising and Promotional) coupons
Internet coupons
Soft drink container caps
The following are guidelines and limits:

Wal-Mart only accepts coupons for merchandise we sell and only when presented at the time of purchase.
Coupons should have an expiration date and be presented within the valid dates. Wal-Mart will not accept expired coupons.
Internet coupons should be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon." There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code.
Only one coupon per item is permitted.
Use of 40 or more coupons per transaction will require approval by Customer Service Manager

All You has run out of the promised coupon booklets which were left out the June subscribers' issues of All You magazine. They will extend your subscription an extra month if you email them. If you are a subscriber you can email Please include in your e-mail:
1) Your account number, found on the mailing label just above your name and address. It is nine digits and is usually located between two asterisks, for example *123456789*
2) Your name and address as it appears on the mailing label
3) Your e-mail address
4) A specific mention that you are looking for the “Coupon book from the June issue of All You.”

Here is a link for a printable $1 coupon for David Sunflower seeds. It looks like you can keep printing a new coupon by using your browsers back button. I printed 6 and each one had a different bar code.

There will be no coupons this Sunday. I hope everyone stocked up on last Sunday.

Here is a free shipping code for LLBean 3003260

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