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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

more stuff to save...

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CHEAP PHONE FOR $20 a year.. check this info out from

How much do you pay per year for your phone? If you have a regular land line phone service with even just a few features (like call waiting, caller id, etc...) you are probably paying somewhere around the $50/month mark (or more). If you multiply that by 12, that means you are paying around $600 a year for basic phone service, and that doesn’t even include long distance charges.

We thought we were smart a few years back when we switched to Vonage, which is a VoiP or Voiceover IP service. Vonage sent us a box that we hooked up to our internet router, then we hooked our phone into the box, and voila! - we had phone service! With taxes and everything, we have been paying around $30 a month, which translates into $360 a year. Definitely better than the $600+ we were paying before! (NOTE: VoiP phone services are different in some ways than regular phone lines, so make sure to read through the terms and information carefully if you are new to VoiP. We love VoiP, but not everyone does.)

Well last week, my father-in-law (who is up on all the latest and greatest techie inventions) called us and told us that he had found the greatest thing since sliced bread! He had just purchased something called a Magic Jack phone line and was now only paying $20 a YEAR for phone service. Wait... $20 A YEAR???? We just had to look into this, so my husband started doing research and sure enough, you really can get full phone service for $20 a year! The company, Magic Jack, is so confident in their product that they are letting customers do a 30 day risk-free trial of the Magic Jack (you pay nothing, not even shipping, until after your 30 day trial is up).

So, of course, my money-savin’ hubby went to their site and ordered the risk-free trial! We got our Magic Jack in last Thursday, but we were leaving to go out of town so I didn’t get a chance to set it all up until today. And let me just say, I am SUPER impressed. You get free local and long distance calling, free caller id, free call waiting, free call forwarding, free three way calls, and free voice mail!

In my opinion, Magic Jack is even BETTER than Vonage because you can very easily take it with you wherever you go. This means that you can have your home phone line with you wherever you have an internet connection.

Since I was setting it up today, I decided to take pictures of the setup to show you how easy (and when I say easy... I really don’t think there is a way this could have been easier!) it is to set up.

1) Took the product out of the package.

2) Plugged my cordless phone base into the Magic Jack and plugged the Magic Jack into the USB port on my laptop.

3) Waited about a minute while it installed.

4) Filled in my registration info and chose my area code.

5) Made my first, CRYSTAL CLEAR, phone call! You can dial either from the screen on the computer, or you can just pick up the phone and dial!

And it gets even better. I set it up on my laptop at first, but then decided that I wanted to put it in the office hooked up to our desktop since our desktop is on all of the time. So I just plugged the Magic Jack into the desktop, and it automatically did everything to get it set up on that computer (I didn’t have to enter my info in again or anything). I just plugged it in, waited about a minute for it to install the software on our desktop, and then picked up the phone and dialed!

I am so, SO excited that we get to cancel our current phone line and save $340 a year!! Well, actually this first year of service we will ONLY :) be saving $320 because we have to pay $20 for the Magic Jack device.

Here are a couple of other things about the Magic Jack you might like to know:

* We have 3 cordless phones in our house that all work off of one “base” in the office. We plugged that base into the Magic Jack and ALL of the phones work great (just like they would with a traditional phone line).

* If you have a kid that wants their “own” phone line, you can get them their own Magic Jack to use for only $20 a year (in addition to yours) and they can have their own number!

* You can check your voicemail from anywhere (like you would with a cell phone), AND they send you an email when you have a new voicemail.

If your interest is piqued, I highly recommend trying the risk-free 30-day free trial (they don’t charge you a cent, not even for shipping, until the end of the 30 days!) You can get to their page by clicking HERE. We have just used it for a day and we are completely SOLD! :)

**NOTE: The service is $20 per year, but the first year you have to buy the Magic Jack device at $19.95 plus shipping (so it comes out to $39.95 plus shipping for the first year). Then every year after that you will only be charged $20 for the service.

FYI: To get the free trial, MAKE SURE you do NOT select the "5 years for $59.95 plan" during checkout or you will be charged immediately (instead of at the end of your 30 day trial).

Old Navy will be having a sale on their solid color flip flops for only $1 each, marked down from $5 this Saturday, May 23rd!( While supplies last)

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