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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do you have a CVS near you? (if you do you are lucky! I don't have one near me!)
ANYWAYS!!! :-)
I found this at
Thanks Frugal Fair Hope for alerting me to this new CVS Beauty Book Coupon Insert!

She found these in the beauty aisle. Sometimes they are loose and you can also find them in the Reinventing Beauty Magazine. Frances has been kind enough to share a picture so you know what to look for.

We found this in the Daphne CVS store today. It was on the shelf on the first beauty aisle.

Here is a list of the coupons it contains.

$1 Hershey’s Bliss (manufacturer’s coupon)
$1 any one of the following, Rohto V cool, Arctic, or ice eye drops, Oxy Max 90ct pads, Max Wash, Clear Spot Treatment, Sensitive 90ct pads, Sensitive Pads, Sensitive Spot Treatment, Softlips Vanilla, Cherry, Raspberry, or Strawberry Lip Balm (manufacturer’s coupon)
$2 Soft Soap
$1 Blade products purchase
$2 Veet product
$1 Vickery & Clarke products purchase
$1 Viologie products purchase
$2 24.7 Minerals products purchase
$2 Skin Effects products purchase
$1 Fruitopia products purchase
$2 Cristophe products purchase

Head over Parent's to find the some great info for coupons and more!
Also some info for parents of multiples:
Twins & Multiples

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Attn: Multiple Birth Program
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The Learning Curve: First Years
Parents of multiples can send in copies of their children's birth certificates, crib cards or a news clipping annoucning the birth to receive free gifts for babies.
The First Years
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
2019 9th St. SE
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