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Thursday, May 21, 2009

OK this looks like a really great deal! They are offering an introductory trial offer of two pair of Control Top Pantyhose for $4.98 shipped. Normally these are $13.99 each! Simply sign up and pay the introductory price and then cancel once you receive your first shipment!

Heres the deal..
Get a FREE pair of our best-selling Silkies Control Top pantyhose when you buy 1 pair of Silkies Control Top pantyhose for just $3.99 plus $.99 shipping and handling and try our Silkies Made-to-Order Hosiery Service today. Then, unless you cancel, we'll send you a 3 pair variety pack 5 weeks later at the introductory price of only $3.99* per pair plus shipping and handling.

If you wear hose a lot for work, this could end up being a really great service for you! I don't know about you but I can't put a pair on without getting a run in about 35 seconds...LOL

Click HERE to get yours!

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