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Sunday, January 13, 2008

a survey about me.. tag, you're it!

I got this survey from my myspace page... it ask's a lot of questions.. but answer's some, too! :-)
I hope you take the time to fill it out and post it.. I would love to know more about my blogg and facebook friends!
name: dora williams
nickname: swtnessdg

Birthplace: Saginaw, MI
Nationality:Mexican, Indian, Spanish, Black
Job: Mom, Wife
Hobbies: I love to read christian fiction, listen to music & write music, take lots of pictures... now I love to hang with my kids and spend time with them...

Any bad habits? yeah, I guess.. once in a while I bite my nails, procrastinate

Pet Peeves? Selfish people, materialistic people, bad breath, bad drivers, loud people, people who waste time, judgemental people, diva's, when women swear (when everyone swears, of course, but women sound worse!) People who don't know how to be real... when people say haters are there biggest fans, uh no they are not.. they don't like you for a reason.. duh.. get over yourself!

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball
sports players: Bev Oden, Magic Johnson, Dr. J
Sports Teams: L.A. Lakers, Detroit Lions, UCLA and Standford VB teams

Colors: Lavender, Sky Blue
Food: Mexican, Italian
Restaurant: Mongolian BBQ, Olive Garden, Quatros Amigos
Perfume: Amarige by Givenchy, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna
Sit-Com: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace
Type of music: Christian Cont., Gospel, R&B, Latin/Mexican/Tejano, Country
Singers: Luis Miguel, Josh Groban, Brian Mcknight, Kirk Franklin, Michael English, Celine Dion
Season: Summer
Holiday: Christmas and July 4th

Ambitions or goals in life:
To be a good mother and wife.. To honor God, raise my children to do what's right and to be treat people right.
People you most and admire and why:
My dad, he is so funny, kind, generous and unjudgmental.. he would do anything for anyone and he loves to the fullest. He loves God and his family and that is all that matters to him.
Most treasured possessions:
My children...

can you play any instruments? clarinet, some piano and the radio :-)
any piercings: ears
tattoo's? none
what is your favorite flower? pink tulip
do you want kids.. I have two
chocolate or vanilla cake? vanilla
a free vacation, where would you go? somewhere sunny and tropical!
do you like roller coasters? if I close my eyes and hold on tight! :-)
have youever caught a fish? yes
have you ever been in love? yes
do you lust after someone right now? yes
who are your best friends? mary, beth, madie
do you care about the way you look? when i go out to church and functions, I glam it up.. but for everyday, it's pretty casual and natural.

left or right handed? left

mint/bubble gum? mint
window/fan? fan
chocolate/ fruity? fruity
pool/ocean? ocean
hot/cold? depends :-)
write/read? read
incense/candles? candles! I love candles!
are you shy? no
do you have siblings? yeah, rob, martin, and valentina
who has it easier, guys or girls? guys definately!
are youa night or morning person? night
do youbelieve in love at first sight? it's rare, but yes.
do you believe that there is one person who is meant to be with another? yes
what is the best day of your life? I have four, when I got saved, when I got married, when I had my two boys!
what is the best number in the world? 5
where do you shop the most? walmart, and walgreens! my faves!
do you drink? no
do you smoke? no
do you swear? no
do you like to shop? not for me? other people? soo fun!
do you look like anyone famous? yeah, a cool chic named dora, dora the explorer! ha ha
do you like the lights on or off? um.. off.. :-)
favorite game: uno, tetris
favorite sounds? music
things you look for in a friend: someone who can hold a conversation, but doesn't have to talk all the time, someone who can keep it real.. who is respectful, and has a great sense of humor
what words are over used by you? nice, whatever, elmo, stop, no (mom words)
do you like where you live? no.. it's too cold!
if you could live anywhere, where would it be? somewhere warm all year around!
are you a party animal? no. can be if I have to, though. :-)
what is your biggest fashion no-no ever? big hair! so lame!
has your heart ever been broken? oh yeah! so sad.
who was your fave teacher? Mr. Farnham, Miss Torrey, and Miss Senn
what is the most attractive thing about the opposite sex/ what turns you on?
intelligience,loyalty, if they smell good ( I love a man wearing cologne!) smile and has a good heart
who was your first crush? roy baker
do you ever talk to yourself? yeah.. sad, but true.

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