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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, everyone else I know has been sick and their kids have been sick.. so I guess it is my turn! AGAIN! when will the sniffles and the coughs ever end? I am so excited for summer! that is when everyone is usually healthy! I think I need to buy some bubbles, like the hamsters have, and put the boys in there to keep them away from germs! ( I am kidding of course!)
So, Isaiah wakes up with a stuffy nose and tries to take a deep breath and says, "mommy! I can't smell! get a tissue and clean out the mocho's (spanish for buggers ?)" He is sooo cute.. he coughs and says we have to go see the doctor so he can make him feel better.. he loves our doctor and the free suckers!
Isaiah is potty training now.. he is doing really well.. no more diapers, just big boy underwear.. he still can't figure out the poopy part though.. we have had two accidents, one at church! yikes! anyone got tips on how to get a boy to figure out how to poop sitting down? he does everything else well...
Kendall is HUGE! He and Isaiah are only ONE POUND apart in weight! Isaiah will be 4 in August and Kendall 2 in June! and they are almost in the same size clothes, everyone asks if they are twins! And Kendall is starting to talk, he is sooo cute!
And I woke up yesterday feeling terrrrible! Stuffy head, runny nose! Amazingly, Roger is not sick.. but he hasn't been around much this past couple of weeks, he has been pulling in a lot of overtime.. so I think that saved him from catching the bug!
I have to have surgery on Friday morning.. a hysterectomy.. so pray for me.. pray for my mom that the boys will be good for her, I have to stay overnight!
Well, there are winter storm warnings.. so I think we might have to stay home tonight.. we live in the country, so it is a bit of a drive to church.. I'm sad to miss wednesday night service, but the kids are sick and it's too cold to go out...
Gotta go.. hope everyone is doing well and feeling good...

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