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Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I have been such a slacker.. I have hardly been online at all!
My Aunt Rose and Cousin Virginia were in town last week, so I was busy with them...
Virginia brought her kids, Karis and Moises David and we all hung out.. Isaiah loved playing with Moises David. Karis is so grown up.. she is 12 going on 25!
I had fun haning out with Virginia and talking about our kids...
When I get some pictures, I will post them.
Roger is doing okay.. he is tired a lot and kinda has some mood swings.. they have still been taking more MRI's and ultrasounds on him.. and they have been changing his medications and adding some here and there.. so please keep him in in prayer.
We sold out other house to Roger's daughter, so that is great! one less house payment and house insurance payment! YAY!
I am starting to REALLY potty train Isaiah today.. I bought him big boy underwear and some plastic covers for them.. he is doing great.. he had one accident right after he put them on.. but after that he has gone potty twice on the toilet! YAY! I am excited, please pray that I stay consistant with him so that he can learn to be a big boy!
Kendall is growing sooo fast.. he is almost the same size as Isaiah...he is already wearing some 18 month clothes.. He will be one in June. He has some teeth coming in on top and one on bottom, so he has been kinda cranky, plus I started him on real milk and weaning him off breastfeeding.
so that is how things are going right now...
my sinus and ears have been just killing me.. the weather changes, so much and my sinus' react!
Roger's birthday is friday... he will be 46! yeah, I married an old guy.
I hope everyone had a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY! Roger bought me a new "expensive" purse and wallet, I got to pick it out.. I will take a picture and post it, it is sooo pretty. The boys were in a baby parade at church yesterday, the kids were so cute.. picture on that soon, too. Roger had to work, so I went out to eat with my cousin Madie, it was really nice.. we hardly see eachother anymore!
My brother Rob is getting married next month and I kept telling myself that I was going to loss some weight before the wedding, so far only like 3 pounds.. my dress fits okay (I am a bridesmaid) but I am still so chubby.. I hate baby weight! I never lost it all from my first pregnancy.
that's okay.. as long as my kids are good, I am good.
I am going to start walking with my sister in law, Jill.. and my new niece MIA, she is sooo cute! so maybe by next summer, I will bring back sexy! :-) was I ever?!
I am in my cousin Delfino's wedding next summer, too. I can't wait! I love his fiance, Jackie.. she is super nice.
Okay, I am rambling.. just wanted to put down some of my thoughts..
have a great day everyone and I will post some pictures soon!

I want to start another ROLL CALL! so if you stopped by, leave me a note to say HOLA!

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mitchells2000 said...

Reading your ramblings! Also, just want you to know that I am now officially the sister-in-law of a Marine. My hubby's bro graduated from Parris Island this past Friday. :-)

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