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Friday, April 15, 2011

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Save $1/1 Sunshine Cheez-it Baby Swiss crackers.  This is a  great coupon – paired with a 2/$5 or $2/4 sale, you’ll score Cheez-it crackers for just $1 – $1.50  a box!

Pinecone Research is accepting applications again!  I have been a member of Pinecone Research for about 2 years now and I recommend this company highly.  For each survey that you take, you get paid $3.  You can choose to be paid via check or via Paypal.
They are a very upstanding, reputable survey company and always pay on time.   I hope you’ll sign up! has a great deal on Kraft Parmesan cheese right now.  You can get a 12-pack for $24.86, but if opt for “subscribe and save” the price drops to $21.13 and you’ll score FREE shipping, too!  $1.74 per can is a pretty good price and you don’t even have to leave the house :D
This is an item I will definitely be purchasing – good price and this will last us for months.  If you are new to subscribe and save, it’s very easy to sign up and very easy to cancel.  Once your order arrives, just log back in to your account and choose “manage subscriptions”.  Cancel your auto delivery and you’re all set.

Here’s a new Pampers Gifts to Grow code, worth 50 points:

Bath & Body Works is offering $1 shipping on all orders of $25 or more.  Use promo code APRILSHIP25 at checkout.  Plus, order through Ebates and you’ll earn 3% cash back, too!


Mamapedia is offering a terrific deal on National Geographic Little Kids magazine – get a 1-year subscription for $10.  But, use promo code NATGEO3 at checkout and you’ll get an additional $3 off = only $7!
Please note, the $3 off promo is for new Mamapedia customers only.  If you are a current Mamapedia customer, you can use promo code EASTER10 to get 10% off the $10 subscription price.
Here’s some info about National Geographic Little Kids magazine:
  • Encourages preschoolers to actively explore their world
  • Packed with colorful pictures, stories, and activities about animals, cultures, nature, and more
  • Stimulates curiosity, imagination, language and verbal skills
This would make a great gift for the grandkids.  My girls received this as a gift from their grandparents a few years ago and they loved getting their own mail ;-)

Print this new coupon to save $2 off pork ribs when you buy any KC Masterpiece product.

Save $0.55/1 Ball Park product
$1/1 Ball Park franks – wait for a sale and score a terrific deal.  We should see some great hot dog deals coming up soon!

I use coupons in my everyday life and I’m sure many of you do, too.  Knowledge is power and I always feel more confident when I know the facts.  Here is how to read a coupon’s bar code:
Expiration date: this is the date of expiry for a coupon.  If the coupon’s expiration date is 5/1/11, you can use that coupon up until 11:59 pm on May 1, 2011.
Value of coupon: this tells you how much will be deducted at the time of purchase.  If the coupon is for $0.50 off “x” item and your store doubles, you will save $1 off “x” item.  Many stores double up to $0.99, meaning that if you have a coupon to save $0.75 off “x”, the store will double that coupon and give you $1.50 off “x”.  :D
Wording of the coupon: this is very important.  If the coupon states “valid on any X” then you can use the coupon on any size of “x” product, including trial sizes.  Also, the picture shown on the coupon is not necessarily indicative of what the coupon says – you may be able to use the coupon on another type of the “x” product that is not shown.  It is so important to read the coupon wording. Manufacturers typically use a photo of the most expensive item on their coupons in order to get you to buy that item as opposed to a less expensive item.
In the above picture, there are codes within the bar code on a coupon.
Coupon NSC: prefix of “5″ means that the coupon can be doubled.  If the coupon NSC prefix is a “99″ {many coupons from the blinkie machines on store shelves are “99″ coupons} that means the coupon will not double.
This coupon clearly states “do not double or triple” – however, the bar code begins with a “5″ so it most likely will automatically double at a store that doubles coupons.
Manufacturer ID: this matches the product with the products bar code.
Family code: this is how the manufacturer matches their products to a coupon.  There are some rules to the family code:
  • if there is no zero in the family code, the coupon will match only the specific product listed on the coupon.
  • if there is one zero in the family code, the coupon will match numerous products from that manufacturer.
  • if there are more than two zeros in the family code, the coupon will match many products from that manufacturer.
Value code: this tells the register how much to deduct.
Check digit: the check digit’s purpose is to verify the other numbers in the bar code are correct.


Tampico is offering free samples of their Lemon & Pepper seasoning blend via Facebook. Become a fan and fill out the short form.

Welch’s fruit snacks are on sale at Safeway right now and this coupon doubles!
Print this new Q to save $0.50/1 Welch’s fruit snacks.

Print this new Smart Source coupon to save $0.50/1 International Delight personal creamers, any size.
And, save $0.55/1 pint International Delight.  Almond Joy sounds heavenly! :D

Florida Citrus is offering up free Meaningful Morning photo frame magnets – no purchase necessary :D

To find these new coupons, please use zip code 85004.
$0.75/1 Kraft singles
$0.30/1 French’s yellow mustard
B1G1 FREE LaLa yogurt smoothies
$0.25/1 Comet powder
$0.75/1 Clear Eyes product
$2/1 Huggies any package
B1G1 FREE Power Bar
$3/1 Hasbro Connect Four
$3/1 Hasbro Operation
$1/1 Truvia sweetener
$4/1 Hasbro Scrabble Flash game
$3/1 Hasbro Sorry Sliders
$3/1 Hasbro Elefun
$3/1 Hasbro Gator Golf
$3/1 Bop it!
$3/1 Bop it Bounce
$4/1 Monopoly electronic banking
$3/1 Hasbro Cuponk
$3/1 Pop Goes Thomas movie
$1/1 PediaCare

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Save up to $228 with Kroger eCoupons. These are coupons that are loaded onto your Kroger Plus card and deducted at the register when you purchase the indicated items. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below. Visit to see all the available eCoupons.
Here’s a few highlights:
  • FREE Store brand pasta WYB (3) Hunt’s Tomatoes, 14.5 oz+ or Hunt’s Pasta Sauce, 26 oz+ (exp 5/5/2011)
  • FREE Hunt’s Ketchup, 24 oz WYB (1) Banquet Boneless Chicken bag, 24 – 26.5 oz (exp 5/5/2011)
  • FREE Chef Boyardee WYB (5) Chef Boyardee Pasta, 14.5-15 oz can or Cup, 7.25-7.5 oz (exp 5/5/2011)
  • $1.50 off Store Brand Eggs, dozen WYB (2) Fleischmann’s or Parkay’s (exp 5/5/2011)
  • $1 off Sealed Premium Ground Beef, 1 lb WYB (3) Rosarita refried beans or Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes (exp 5/5/2011)
  • $2.50 off Egg Beaters WYB (2) Pam Non Stick Cooking Spray, 5-6 oz (exp 5/5/2011)
New to eCoupons? Read How eCoupons work and learn how to save even more on your grocery bill.

I love FREE apps, especially ones that are fun and educational for the kids. You can download 10 Everyday Math apps by McGraw-Hill Education for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for FREE from now until Sunday, April 17, 2011. This app is targeted for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.
Here’s the apps you can download for free:
  • Divisibility Dash
  • Baseball Multiplication
  • Beat the Computer (Multiplication)
  • Equivalent Fractions Solitaire with Pictures
  • Monster Squeeze (Greater Than, Less Than)
  • Top-It Addition
  • E-Flashcards (comes with a Science set, can download more for free)
  • Top-It Subtraction with 2-digit numbers
  • Tric-Trac
  • Name That Number (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
Remember, this expires on Sunday, so download 10 Everyday Math apps today!

There will be two inserts in this weekend’s papers: (1) Smart Source Insert and (1) Red Plum Insert. You can see a complete list in the Coupon Database. If your area is not receiving Red Plum inserts you can find out how to obtain them here.
Need coupons now? Save hundreds with the grocery coupons at,, and
Did you know you can save by getting your paper delivered to your home? You can save up to 75% or get up to 4 weeks free on your local newspaper delivery.

Be sure to come back later to check out how you can maximize your coupons with this week’s grocery store deals and drug store deals!

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