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Thursday, June 18, 2009

New members can sign up to See Here and get 100 FREE 4x6 prints!!! Just use the code, PRINTS. Their sign up promo used to be 50. 100 prints is a huge step up! Shipping for 100 prints is 5.19. That's less than .05 a print. THANKS!

June 20th only, Old Navy has Women's and Girls tanks for $2 each, limit five. I believe these are the basic ribbed variety. I'm sure these will sell out fast if it's anything like their flip flop sales they've had. Show up early for this one. <--- more great advice from

Walmart is offering a FREE roll of TP by mail and a 10 count travel pack of flushable wipes. Go here. <---- lovin she finds some good stuff!

Sign up here to print some coupons from Hormel... thanks


Did you know that if you contact a state that you are interested in studying, they'll send you a neat informational packet that they call a travel guide FREE. This is something that I have been doing over the years since I began homeschooling.

I can remember going to the office supply store to buy a map the first year. I was shocked at how expensive it was. But, when you send for these travel packs, they always include a wonderfully complete state map. They also usually send some historical background information about the state.

I just found a site that has all the Free Travel Guides and Brochures in one place- Browse destinations, pick travel guides that you'd like, receive guides Free by mail or download.

Click Here to see all of the guides available. It's a super easy site to use. Just pick the state you want, add the guides you'd like to you cart, and checkout. The checkout process is NOT to buy anything, just to give your mailing information, That's it!

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