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Saturday, June 9, 2007

2 second vent time....

Okay, as soon as I get online a picture of Paris Hilton crying pops up on the news part of my homepage! What a joke!
She is such a joke, the media is such a joke.. they focus on her not being able to make it in jail for 23 or now 44 days. Why don't they focus on the times that she got behind the wheel with a suspended license while intoxicated or drugged up? why don't they focus on the fact that she could have killed someone?
She should have served longer, I am sure other people have for less....
What is this nation all about?! Please Lord, come quickly!
We need to pray for everyone, for her to get saved and also for her and the press to get some common sense!
Okay, all done venting.. sorry.. the flesh got the better of my typing fingers!


HzlntLatte said...

Paris is such a joke. W/out money, she would be nothing!!! What gets me is that people actually were protesting for her to stay out of jail!!! There are celebrities and then there is everyone else - two sets of rules. I'm glad she got the maximum sentence. Talk about really living the jail version of the "SIMPLE LIFE!"

PinkAngel said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the vent!

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