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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I spoke too soon!

Last night Kendall started coughing and was tossing and turning all night!!!! So this morning I called the Doctor and they took us in and prescribed antibiotics for him... I guess Isaiah did kiss him too much.. :-)
Isaiah looooooves the Doctor! I need to get a picture of them together and post it.. He always says Hi doctor, and the doctor gives him high fives and plays with him.. he is a tall guy, with a polish accent, Isaiah just can't wait to see him's so cute and it makes it soo easy when we have to go see him, because Isaiah thinks he hung the moon!


Sarah said...

I hope your kids get better soon! I hate it when both of them are seems like it just keeps getting passed around. :-(
By the way, I love your poem and picture of the military guy. Josh's brother is in Iraq--coming home soon!--and we are so proud of him. There are some people that stand out every Wed. in front of our courthouse and protest the war, and I always want to bomb them. :-) JK But they make me mad!

Jen Savage said...

Hey-hope you got a hold of Patty o.k. She called tonight to remind Ash that she was in the nursery tomorrow so I assumed she had called you also. Sorry your guys are sick-I know it is tiring taking care of little ones who don't feel good! Praying for you!

HzlntLatte said...

Ahh...sorry both the boys are sick, but that's so cute about Isaiah loving the Dr.

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