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Monday, December 16, 2013

Long time no post.

I have been MIA over a year, I started working an almost full time job, and my part time job and with the boys school and church I have been buuuusy!  But I am going to get back into things this year, it is my new years resolution.
I am also going to be featuring things about makeup!  My current obsession and with coupons.. those two things are awesome!  haha!
How has everyone been doing?  Have you been stocking up?
What is your latest tip that has helped you save and keep your stockpile going?
Make a post below and on January 6th I will pick a winner from the comments below to win a giveaway!
Also, check out  it is something new I discovered.. it is almost along the lines of .. let me know what you think.

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