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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cleaning up and giving back.....

I know a lot of people that are doing a lot of cleaning out the closets and of storage right now.. what to do with the stuff?
Why not donate to the your local YMCA?  I know the local Y here in Saginaw, MI could use the donations!  They are always having something for the kids and like to be GREEN and recycle donated items for crafts and such...

And the Fitness Area could probably use Magazines!!!
have that pile of magazines that you get every month or buy every month sitting there wasting space collecting dust?... donate them to the y.. the members read them while working out!  great to recycle!

Kid Zone and Teen Center:

Baby Wipes
Paper Towels
Diapers, Pull Ups (kid zone)  in case a kid has an emergency
Craft Supplies
Computer Games
Toys.. dolls, action figures, cars, etc.. anything that your kid has outgrown! 
Hand Sanitizer
coloring books
Magazines to be cut up for crafts.

Seasonal Decorations.. getting rid of any seasonal decorations?  the kid zone and teen center can use them!  Especially Christmas stuff... ornaments, Christmas lights.. the kids love to help and put that stuff up!
I am sure there are so many things that you can get rid of that the kids could use in this list for educational and recreational use! 
I hope that instead of throwing stuff out.. you will consider donating..
of course this is me talking.. I hope this will lighten your load and help out your local YMCA ....

(this is me talking.. the YMCA has not asked me to solicit donations in any way.. i just saw the need and thought I would spread the word!)

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