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Monday, April 12, 2010

Simply GO-GURT Prize Pack Giveaway

New Simply… Go-Gurt is made from simple ingredients moms look for and contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. Each convenient portable yogurt tube contains a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Simply stated, Simply… Go-Gurt is a good-for-you, low fat yogurt snack that you can feel good about giving to your kids.

New Simply… Go-Gurt is available in two kid-friendly flavors, Strawberry and Mixed Berry. MY KIDS LOOOOVE SIMPLY Go-Gurt! they have always loooved go-gurt and were excited to try it!
Additionally, we have a customized micro site loaded with great tips and free coupons, so the first 30 readers who click on the “Try It Free” tab will receive a coupon for a free package of Simply…Go-Gurt!*
After the 30 coupons are claimed, the micro site will include a link to a $1.10 off coupon so everyone who visits can share in the savings ( to go to that link click on the link in the top left hand corner of my blog!)
The Simply… Go-Gurt, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to me from Yoplait through MyBlogSpark

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Share their wholesome snacking tips that make their child(ren) smile


stacey wallace said...

My kids Go-gurt also, which I love because they don't eat regular yogurt. I also like to feed then cut apple slices that they dip in peanut butter. They'll choose that over sandwhiches some days.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure if I had to enter here or above, but put my name in!!! Hope you have a great week.


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