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Friday, August 28, 2009

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Are you a smoker? Grab this free sample of Nicoderm CQ, plus you’ll get a $7 coupon. This stuff is expensive so $7 will go along way in helping you try to quit!

8/28/09: REMINDER: Nielsen Home Scan Panel is still applications. The last time they were open for new applicants it didn’t last but a few days….HURRY while you still can! This is the longest that I have seen this promotion run! =D

YAY. Nielsen Home Scanner is back. I am actually on the waiting list for my scanner! WhooHoo. I can’t wait to get it. You simply scan the products you buy from the store with the scanner they give you and that’s it! =D You’ll earn points for the items you scan. You’re points can be exchanged for jewelry, toys, electronics, household items and more!

Click the link to apply for the –> Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel <– UPDATE: 8/3/09: I got an email from a readers who is already being sent her scanner! WhooHoo! I can’t believe they are still open for new applicants! Hurry while you still can! This is a great way to earn some great rewards for one simple task…scanning items you buy when you get them home.
UPDATE: 8/12/09: Rumor is that new zip codes are opening up for more applicants to HomeScan Panel! if you applied before and no scanners were available in your area or they weren’t accepting people in your area…TRY AGAIN! WHOO HOO. =)

for your chance to win…this offer is for everyone not just the U.S.! UGG BOOTS!

This looks pretty cool! You can sign up now for a chance to wear some free fashion T-shirts! Yup! You heard me…I said free shirts! You’ll simply fill in your info and when your profile matches an Advertisers campaign they will notify you via email. :How cool is that?! I am signing up as we speak! Hey Guys…this is for you too…not just the ladies!

Get a free DVD-RW from Flying Share. They ask that you please limit to one per household. Completely purchase necessary and no shipping and handling fees! Grab this freebie now!

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