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Saturday, November 8, 2008

In the quiet....

found this in an old journal.. don't know where I got it from, but it's good..

In the Quiet...

When I feel closed in
And anger confuses me
I look for you
Spirit of God
Deep inside me
Comfort me
Heal my broken heart
Erase the memories
From past hurts
Failures and unrequited love

I look for You
And find You
In the stillness of Your peace
I look for You
And find You
In the quietness with hope
In Your eyes is love, hope
And the destiny of man

Loving Father
Hold me here to You
Where I feel safe, secure
And loved
Share with me
In Your still small voice
The secrets and plan
That would fulfill me
And how you will train me

In your eyes, I see
The answer
To my hearts longing
Is in Your eyes
I would like to
Come here often
It seems, natural, mortal life
Takes me away
With it's schedules, traditions
And rules.

Let me never forget
Your loving eyes
That hold me
To Your heart
There is a peace here
And the air is fresh
Is this what heaven's like?

I lay my head on your lap
And let your love
Wash me away
My anger, my hurts and frustrations
And dry my tears
That I shed
From the past
that now is dead

No longer running after something
I can never catch
I stop my search
But ONLY to look to Your loving eyes
Father of mine
Maker of the Universe
Your face shines with a smile
And touches my face
I leave this quietness
fulfilled and REVIVED

What You've given me
In my heart
Carries me
And stays with me
And I will be back again

===Rosemary Edwards

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