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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is it JULY already?!!!

Not much going on here.. just super hot and muggy!
My kids are growing up so fast!! Kendall is starting to really talk clearly.. he is saying all kinds of funny things! And Isaiah! He is such a character! He is into Transformers, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman and Superman! All at the same time! Next month he turns 4 and he has decided he is having a Transformers party for his Birthday! Yay!
My Husbands health is doing a lot better, but his father's--not so great.. his kidneys aren't holding up too well! Please remember to keep him in prayer.
Well, I have been going to the Y, every Monday-Friday... I am trying to get my sexy back.. ha ha.. not working! Having kids has wreaked havoc on my bod! But I go faithfully and feel my energy level has raised tremendously.. the boys love swim class. I am going to start working at the Y, starting next month..with the kids.. we will see how that goes! It's nice because I can bring my kids with me to work!
Just stopping in, facebook is my main stop on the internet! so easy and so many friends on there!
Well, I am going to add some pictures.. have a great day and God Bless You all!

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