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Thursday, February 14, 2008


today is Valentine's day and I have been thinking about love... different kinds of love..
where would I be without God's love? when I was single and wasn't living right, I would be sooo lonely and feel like something was missing..
it was God's love.. not because it wasn't there, but because I wasn't right and wasn't living in God's will.. so I wasn't at peace....
so I think about all the people who don't have Jesus or who aren't in God's will... some people feel so sad and lonely.. or just feel like something is missing... and they don't realize that it is God. God and His love, His peace, His comfort in times of need...and all people have to do is just ask.. and He is right there... how easy.. but how hard for us to grasp.. especially because of pride or wanting to fix thing by ourselves!

anyways.. I am just venting about things I am thinking about.. how life has changed for me, and how I am so greatful for God's love and that I have learned to let God love me and show His love for me..I don't know where I would be, if I hadn't gotten right and started depending on God's love in stead of trying to find it in other places or trying to fix my own problems or letting them get me down...
God is Good all the time!
my life is far from perfect.. but I know that when I need God's love, I can depend on it! Happy Valentine's day!

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Steph said...

I was checking in and hope your surgery went well. That sounds like a scary one! I also hope your family is well. We've had tons of sickness here!AUGH! Isaiah is to have his tonsils out next month...
I agree with you - can't wait until summer!

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