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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long time, no blogg.....

It's been a couple of weeks since I have blogged anything.. we have had so much stuff going on, lots of weddings and get togethers! My cousin just got married last weekend and my husband's coworkers when I get pic's of that, I will post them.. here are some random pictures..we had family pictures taken a couple of months ago.. and I finally scanned them.. so I will post them, too.
hope that everyone is doing well... staying healthy and enjoying that last few fleeting days of summer!
a couple of prayer request's
my mom's cousin.. amy aguilar.. has colon cancer and I think something else in her stomach.. it's at stage 4.. so it's pretty bad..she is saved.. so pray for strength and comfort and peace.
also.. my grandfather is 96 and just living day to day.. he is in demensia stages. losing weight rapidly.. can't move or talk by himself.. now he is not eating.. so just pray for my parents and my aunts and uncles during this time to have peace and for the Lord to help my Grandpa to be comfortable and not in too much pain.
A PRAISE! Mr Brady from our church went back to get checked out because he has a really bad case of some kind of cancer in the bones and blood, I think.. anyways, it was in 50% now it is only 1% and the cells are inactive! SO COOL! they might still give him the bone marrow transplant.. but now things seem like they are well on there way to recovery and remission! PRAISE THE LORD! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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